Transportation of the remains

No one has ever been able to predict when and where they will face death. This is why, in the event of sudden deaths or deaths after someone has been hospitalised, we are called to transfer the body to its final resting place.

Our company can fully undertake the dignified and safe transportation to and from Chania or any other place in Greece, in full compliance with the guidelines and regulations of the World Health Organization and the EU.

The process of the transportation of the remains

We have a full fleet of vehicles and the necessary equipment to ensure that the transportation is carried out in a professional manner, quickly and safely, relieving the deceased’s relatives and loved ones from any agony. We fully undertake the care and the transportation of the body up until the moment of burial.

The People at the centre

In our company, we understand the emotional load and the psychology of mourning to the maximum extent. We also know that in such moments of sadness, proceedings like the transfer of your loved one’s body can add to the psychology burden of the whole family. Our experienced and qualified team takes perfect care of every detail in the whole process of the transportation of the body with the utmost respect.



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