During the cremation, the body is incinerated in a specially designed chamber. The ceremony is held either honouring the desire of the deceased or his closest relatives, for religious, political, or health reasons or even because of a simple preference. For now, this ceremony can only be performed abroad and people from Greece are usually cremated in Bulgaria.

Specifically, according to a Presidential Decree of March 15, 2006, our country has followed the legislation of the other European Union member states on incineration, thus allowing us to cremate the dead, provided there is a prior explicit and unconditional statement of the deceased about his will or a statement of his relatives, by blood or in law, up to the fourth degree.

Transportation of the remains

We have a full fleet of vehicles and a trusted staff to ensure that the transportation is carried out with respect, in a professional manner, quickly and safely, relieving the deceased’s relatives and loved ones from any agony. We are present during the caring and the transportation of the body up until the moment of the cremation.

After the cremation process, the ashes are placed in a special urn and transferred to our offices where you can collect them.



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